About Us

Our team of knowledgeable experts have been serving the Houston and surrounding areas window and door replacement needs for over a decade.

Since 2002 Meyerland Windows of Houston has served in the industry as a provider for specialized window and door replacement services. No project to large or small and most certainly no project to difficult. With our team of employed master carpenters and construction professionals we have accomplished projects including: installing doors where windows use to be and vice versa, creating newly constructed window and door openings, building floating bay windows, or concrete slab bay windows to enlarge room floor space, finishing the brick and siding work as well as paint and stain finishing. The bottom line is whether you want to replace three or four windows, all the windows in your whole house or anything in between you should defiantly call us today.

We Care About the Details

We treat each installation project with care and concern as if it were our own home. 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed. We pride ourselves satisfying all our customers. We look forward for the opportunity to serve and exceed your expectations.